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Thursday, October 16, 2008
♥ 5:25 AM



P.S: It's atikaus because atikus was not available. Some posts are password-protected. Ask me in person for the password to verify your identity.

`i am me, not someone else

Wednesday, October 15, 2008
♥ 7:23 PM

Sunday Night.

Kak Ina's open house.
Check In: 10.50pm
Check Out: 2am?

& I was posing like Miss Universe.

Guess what?
My resolution failed so badly.
On monday, I was an hour late for school which caused me to miss an hour of lecture.
On the bright side, I was on time for my 2.5hour break.

School was fun!

No school. =)

To be honest, this website isn't my only blog.
To be more honest, this blog consist 20% of what I'm supposed to be writing.

`i am me, not someone else

Sunday, October 12, 2008
♥ 3:20 AM

yes. this is the exact expression of me right now.
so tired & sleepy & yet, awake.

My thursday was fabulous.
Went out with the girls, wen ting & noelle.



Noelle came late so, me & wen ting camwhore-d quite a bit.

My pervert look.


Oh yar.
My permed hair is 4 days old today & it's not curly!
In the picture, my curls are still curly but it didn't last that long.
Waste my $$ only.
My hair is in a serious damage condition.

If my hair is a person, it's condition will be like someone in an ICU for months.
You get what I mean la...

Went to eat at Secret Recipe once Noelle reached Vivo.
I'm becoming like Putri, craving for Chicken Cordon Bleu.
& I realised that the service there has this weird vibes.
Like irritating also have.
Now, I don't feel like going there again.

After that, we went to this super ultra romantic place which Mira brought me weeks ago.
We laid down and look up to the twinkling stars scattered everywhere & had, you know, girls talk and stuffs.
It was heartwarming & nice.
If only Pat came!
You see... we missed you, Pat!





My pervertic face, as usual.

Wen ting, why your eyes so big uh!


I really had a nice time, girls.
Got to talk and catched up on things.
It's so nice that we talked, especially after all the (tamil) dramas I've gone through.

P.s: Wen ting, I wanted to send u the pictures but u were offline. Hmph.

This movie rocks.
It's so hard to describe but the movie definitely humoured me.
I give it 4/5.
The jokes are subtle.
If you can't catch the jokes, just laugh along when the other audiences do.

I'm going to move on.

I think I'm going to put this picture up as my so called 'primary photo' in this blog.
I miss my ppgs.
Can't wait for school! =)
My resolution for this coming semester is to be punctual for class!

`i am me, not someone else

Wednesday, October 08, 2008
♥ 2:08 PM

my laptop's going to die anytime, i guess.
I kept snoozing when I'm watching videos on it.
Which led me to kicking my laptop off the bed.

When I woke up, my poor laptop was on the floor.
I'm sorry.

Anyway, I went to work yesterday.
an hour late..

work ends at 6.45pm and I had nothing to do so I went to perm my hair.
All the ppg's are rocking the school this semester with curly hair!

Why I did it?
1. I wanted it since last year?
2. I really need a change.

Fyi, I broke up with the bf yet again.
& this time, it's going to be final.
no more patching up bullshits.

Perming my hair, some sort, symbolizes a NEW me.
with my NEW life.
& there's no room for him.
no room for agony.
no room for sadness.

I really do want to move on.
& in this case, wen ting shall be my inspiration.
because it's almost the same thing.
2 years relationship...
sucky ex bf..
getting over them..
she did it.

on the random note, I'm sooo looking forward to school.
My gems was Personal Selling.
What the heck.
& it's located at T1A.
It's like at the other end of the school!

ok. back to the looking-forward-to-school thing.
I miss my ppgs!
Especially wen ting & noelle since we didnt really catch up on stuffs this holiday.
I miss laughing for no reasons in school.
I miss bullying Pat with my partner in crime, wen ting.
I miss laughing at Pat's stupid but cute reaction to everything.
& I want to get a CCA!

I'm not working today.
I don't know what I'll shall do.
I need to buy the perm hair moisturiser thingy.
I need to start depositing money into my bank account instead of withdrawing.
I need to stop splurging on food. (tsk)

On another random note, Yan bought a new phone out of nowhere during his breaktime yesterday & I was very envious!
Because it's none other than the gorgeous Samsung Omnia.
We figured the phone out for quite some time ytd.

Don't worry.
I'm gonna get one too!!!
So that I can get rid of my 4G handphone as soon as possible.
I dont know why I left Nokia music express phone unrepaired.
I think I hate Nokia alot.

& sinyi!
where are we going to party on your birthday, darling?
MOS closed down already..

I shall kick-start my day by having a shower or at least brush my teeth.

`i am me, not someone else

Sunday, October 05, 2008
♥ 11:53 PM

I should have known..

When there's laughter, tears are inevitable..

`i am me, not someone else

Saturday, October 04, 2008
♥ 3:09 PM

Thursday started out with me working from 2pm til 11pm.
After that, very randomly, I ended up in Bukit Timah playing pool with yan, shahrizal & haziq.
I only won ONCE!!

Then, we headed to mac & I officially own an imaginary friend.
When playdoh comes into the picture, it became fun & wicked.
Lucky for me, I have no distinct hairstyle.
Because we made fun of people with the imaginary friend.
Including.. lalas' all-time favourite center-parting hair!
haha. sorry.


Well, I reached home at 6ish in the morrow.

Forced myself to get up at 3pm because I have work at 4pm!
ughhh.. (with hand on the hip, not back)
It was Fitrah's 17th birthday yesterday & we had a blast shrink-wrapping her!
never ever reveal your birthdate okay.

I will try and quit tru before 13.08.2009.
i'll be 19 next year.
so old!

anyway, the tru gang bought for her this particular perfume.
I forgot what perfume.
while I 'steng' with someone & bought her a star necklace.

went home to get sparklers cos I had so much of them.
oh ya.
mom scolded me this morning for not covering the tupperware of pineapple tarts ytd.
I forgot to cover it back after taking 4 of them out.

Me, Fitrah, Yan & Shahrizal(why ur name so long uh?) went to fong seng(not tong seng) & had our supper since all the 24hr muslim stalls went M.I.A for raya.

Soon after, we headed for west coast park and play, play, play.
Sparklers, Flying Fox, Merry-go-round thingy.
I was so hyper.
& got sick!

& guess what.
These few days, I really laughed a lot!
The last time I laughed like that was 2 years back when me & my close friends went for chalets, chilled at forum's coffee bean, karaoke-d & stuffs.
It feels so nice to be happy, even though most of the time humor was intrigued by myself.

I just realised my laugh is more of a 'hehe' than a 'haha'.

I want absinthe!

I'll be dating Pat later on.

`i am me, not someone else

Wednesday, October 01, 2008
♥ 9:39 PM


Went to Geylang yet again.
With Bf & Zairi.
Since it was the last day of the bazaar, stuffs were selling at a ridiculous price!
Cheap, cheap.

I bought a dollar earring which look like it was $10+.
300 gram of deng deng.
Ayam perciks.

The only downfall was that it was raining.
I was wet & cold.

After Geylang-ing, me & bf met wanmira at Jurong and we played with sparklers.
I bought 12 boxes of sparklers from Geylang for only $5!
We each made our own rocket and test-drive it.
Only wan's rocket was successful.
Played with bubbles.

& I reached home around 3am.


Woke up the earliest to do my hair.
Curly wurly.
& then, it's all up to the pictures to tell the tale.

I want to bleach my skin.

2nd, 4th, 1st sisters.

mom(in pink) & siblings with ah ma in the middle.

the cucu-s.

My family with grandma.

Alisha & 1st sis.

Me, Alisha, 1st sis.


Mintak ampun

Me asking for forgiveness.
"Selamat Hari Raya, Maaf Zahir Batin, Mak."


four siblings.



The one in the pink headscarf is my grandma.
The guy in yellow is my father.

I was pissed off when this picture was taken.

Caught candid playing with my sister's 3rd gen iPhone.
She's so rich la.
She has both 1st & 3rd gen iPhone.
But she won't let me use it.
P.s: Doesnt belong to this sis. But my 1st sis.
too many sisters uh..

younger sis with shakira.

I need full whitening blast.

Mother lepak.

mom, me, saiful.

& I know I've been a jerk replying just 'same same' to all my friends who sent me, like, 3 to 5 pages of sms-es.
it's just that when you guys msg me, it was in Malay & I don't know how to reply back in Malay.

It takes time.

So here's my Malay hari raya msg to all my dear friends.

Kepada rakan-rakan yang jauh dan dekat di hati. Saya ingin mengucapkan Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri kepada rakan-rakan dan juga kamu di sana yang sedang membaca blog ini. Jika ada salah silap yang saya telah lakukan, dengan sengaja ataupun tidak sengaja, saya ingin memohon maaf. Jika ada kaki sesiapa yang saya tendang ataupun pijak, saya juga ingin memohon maaf. Umm. Jikalau terkasar bahasa ataupun terkasar tk bahasa, saya juga ingin memohon maaf. Astalavista.

It actually took me 10-15 minutes to write one short paragraph in Malay.
I'm so dumb.

`i am me, not someone else


this is me.


18 years of age
13th August 1990
Singapore Polytechnic
Diploma in Financial Informatics
Call me stupid only if you're Einstein.
If you think cursing and swearing in the tagboard will do the trick, I suggest you grow up.

I don't care.


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